Surface Drysuits

SURFACE Drysuits for Emergency Services, SAR, Government, Commercial and Professional Use

We are offering this way to buy drysuits as often the purchase requirement is for only a single or a few suits, but you still require them to be tailored to your needs in terms of fit, level of suit specification and customisation. Badging the suit with you organisations logo also gives the professional look instead of turning up on site in a suit designed for a weekend dingy sailor or recreational diver.
Please note that optional products within Steps 2 to 7 should only be ordered if the initial Drysuit has been ordered in Step 1.

Delta Drysuit Users

Fire and Rescue departments
Police and Special Police forces
Sea Rescue societies (SAR)
Marine rescue
Defence forces: Navy, Land forces moving at sea
National Border Guard
Coast Guard
Professionals working at sea, harbours or inland waters
Rescue Instruction centres and organizations
Coastal surveying
Fish farms and mariculture
University research departments
Animal hydrotherapists
Drainage maintenance
Construction workers
Fishery protection
Metal detectorists
Inland waterways
Jetty and Bridge repairs
Dog trainers

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