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Spare Dry Zippers

Spare Dry Zippers
Replacing a zip in a drysuit is not simple task. It should only be undertaken by professional repairs or the most competent DIY repairs. Please measure the zip you are replacing carefully refering to the diagram to ensure you order the correct length the length we quote is the "OL". All the zips below are closed both ends and are made on neoprene coated tape suitable for adhesives used in neoprene and butyl trilaminate drysuits. Medium weight or 8 Pitch* zips have an overall width of 65mm with square corners referred to as 08RS/CR44. Heavy weight or 6 Pitch* have an overall width of 98mm with round corners referred each zip tooth is individually riveted to as 06RS/CR63.

Most breathable dry suits and those used in surface activities are sewn in to the suit and then sealed using heat applied tape. The dry zips used in these suits have their tape coated in PU (polyurethane) rather than neoprene coated tape of the zips shown here. Fitting these zips requires specialist machinery and not suitable for DIY repairs.

* Pitch is the number of brass teeth in a 1 inch or 25mm length of zip.
What YKK say about their dryzips. A .pdf document
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