The views here are gained from many years of both making and wearing drysuits, however they are in many cases personal opinions, ask some else and you may get a different answer. I have tried to give balanced an honest answers. I am afraid they are in completely random order.

If you have a question or would like to offer an alternative answer to those given below Email: info@seaskin.co.uk
Why made to measure?
Why don't you fit plastic dry zips into the Ultra drysuits?
What suit should I get neoprene or membrane?
Neoprene or latex seals which are best?
Colour combinations attract a supplement charge, why?
Bottle or Cone shape shaped latex wrist seals, what's the difference?
Why don't you make your suits from Cordura?
I want to order two suits, one for myself and one for my partner, how should I do this?
Kevlar knee pads sound like a good idea, should I have them fitted?
This is my first custom drysuit and I am confused by all the options what if I get it wrong?
I am planning to lose some weight in the near future can suits be altered to fit?
Can you allow room for growth?
Why do you fit medium weight dryzips?
Why don't you produce a catalogue?
Can I have the suit made without logos?
How do I pay for the extra carriage required to ship to my non UK address?
How can I pay for parts that are not on your web site by Paypal?
Should I cram as many pockets on to my suit as possible?
I can't decide whether I need a convenience zip fitted?
Internal braces are included in the price of the Nova drysuit but not the Ultra why is this?
You say the Nova's seams are triple stitched, I can only see two rows, where is my third row of stitching?
Why are your compressed neoprene suits only 3mm wouldn't 8mm be warmer?
What's the difference between Seatec and CENJ inflation valve nipples?
Why have I never heard of Seaskin before?
Looking at the Apeks and SITech valve sets there does not seem much difference, is there?
Do you exhibit at the dive shows?
What's this about the old Apeks high profile dump being better than the low profile one?
Will it be exactly like the picture on the web site?
I have always used a cuff dump should I switch to a shoulder mounted adjustable dump?
Why doesn't my new drysuit look like my mates suit?
Why don't you do a front entry neoprene suit?
Some suits say they have a "titanium lining" what does this do?
I am having trouble getting your website to accept my credit card payment, I am sure that my account is order. What is going wrong?
Why do you answer the telephone as "Aqualand"?
Why do you sell items some used in pairs as singles, are you trying to deliberately trying to confuse us?

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