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Because Seaskin gives you complete control to order exactly the type of drysuit you want in terms of style, size, colour and pockets this inevitably makes our ordering process seem a little complex. But don’t panic – if you can understand dive tables, you will find this process easy.

A little time spent considering your requirements, and getting yourself carefully measured, will be rewarded with a drysuit that fits and performs better than you thought possible.

The first thing to consider is will I benefit from having a made-to-measure drysuit? This is an easy question to answer – it is definitely yes! Your goal is that, during a dive, you are unrestricted and comfortably warm so that you can enjoy the underwater environment. You are much more able to achieve this with a made-to-measure suit than one bought off the peg.

Secondly you need to decide between a compressed neoprene or a membrane type drysuit. This is a more difficult question to answer, but in the end it comes down to personal preference. Membrane suits (Seaskin Nova) have the slight technical advantage of not changing volume at all at depth due to water pressure. Even compressed neoprene (Seaskin Ultra) undergoes some reduction of thickness depth, which gives a slight increase in buoyancy on the ascent. On the other hand, a well-fitting compressed suit is often considered to be easier to move in underwater due to its closer fit to the body and hence less drag. They are also easier to repair during a dive trip. Take advice from your fellow divers and instructors to decide which drysuit is best for the type of diving you intend to do.

Once you have picked the base model of drysuit you require with its correct type of undersuit it has all the equipment you need ready to dive. You can choose the colour way or combination that you like best.

Now get a willing helper and fill in your body measurements using the dropdown options (watch out for accidentally changing your imputed size by using the scroll button on your mouse). Remember to consult the “How to measure yourself for a drysuit” page – you can do this online or if you prefer there is a downloadable form (an Excel document) that can be completed or printed out.

When your measurements have been entered hit the “Add to cart” button. This takes you to a page were you can check the numbers you imputed are correct. Now hit “Confirm”. This then briefly takes you to the checkout page before directing you back to the shopping pages.

You should now consider if you would like to add to or substitute any of the standard equipment on the suit, for example having a different type of boot fitted. Look on the left hand column and select “Drysuit build options and pockets” then choose the section “Alternative/Additional equipment for………………………..” the suit type you want. Make a selection by using “Add to cart” then “Continue shopping”. Do this until you are happy with all the changes or additions you require.

Finally consider the available pocket options for you chosen suit. Select “Pocket options for ………drysuits” by going back through “Drysuit build options and pockets”. When you make your pocket selections take care not to place two pockets in the same position!

Do not forget to visit the “Thermal Undersuits” and “Hoods and Gloves” pages for the ideal accessories for your new drysuit.

At any time you can “View basket” to check on your selections and can remove any items or cancel the whole process, great if you are just pricing up your Seaskin custom suit against a competitor’s.

If you have any comments on how this site could be improved or experience any technical difficulties please contact us, we would be very grateful for your feedback no matter how small!

If all this ordering process is just too much mouse clicking for you, then download an order form from the “Downloads” page. Print it out and post, fax, or phone your order to us (you can alternatively email the form as an attachment). Remember you can always visit us at our Leeds factory during normal office hours and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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