How to Measure Yourself for a Drysuit/Gloves/Hood

As all Seaskin Custom Divewear is made-to-measure it is vital that you supply us with the correct body measurements in centimetres.

You will need: a cloth tape measure, a “builders’ type” tape measure, a hardback book the larger and thinner the better. Optional a piece of cord about 250cm long (optional) and a Post-it note. It is very important that you do not attempt to do the measurements on your own as this will give inaccurate results. You will need an assistant.

5D4L1370, Seaskin Drysuits

Wear normal indoor clothes and remove shoes. We will make allowances for your diving undersuits. The undersuit we assume you will be wearing depends on whether you are ordering a membrane or compressed neoprene drysuit. Typically, a 250gsm under a membrane suit and a 150gsm under a neoprene suit.

Decided if you are entering your result directly into the website or print out a “measurement form” and write the results down and then transfer them to the website.

When measuring pull the tape just taut enough so it is held in place.

All measurements in CM unless otherwise indicated.



Download measurement form as a PDF

5D4L1379, Seaskin Drysuits


Stand up straight against a wall while your assistant uses the book on top of your head to make a small mark on the wall (if you don’t want to mark the wall use the corner of a Post it Note). Measure the distance with the builders’ tape. Remember to take your shoes off.

5D4L1377, Seaskin Drysuits


The tape should be at nipple height and be parallel to the floor; stand relaxed and do not take a deep breath. Always ensure that the tape is being read from the right end! This is best done with your arms relaxed and down by your sides.

Over Bust, Seaskin Drysuits

Over Bust (Ladies Only)

For Ladies only. Please measure with tape running under your arms and above the bust as shown. Select the MAN option for Male suits.

5D4L1383, Seaskin Drysuits


When measuring the waist do not breathe in excessively. Record at the largest section of the belly usually at navel height (women’s waists are usually about 5-10cm above the navel) – do not cheat!

5D4L1385, Seaskin Drysuits


This is the largest measurement you can get around the hips/bum with the tape level with the ground. Remember to empty your pockets.

5D4L1388, Seaskin Drysuits


For the thigh, the height down the leg where the measurement is taken is important. We need the measurement 9cm down from the crutch. An easy way to get this is to take a credit card and press it up as far as it will go (for men, between your legs and further round than your testicles). The person doing the measuring then measures around the thigh (keeping the tape measure horizontal to the ground) where the bottom of the card is. This gives us the measurement from a consistent place which makes the suit pattern more accurate.

5D4L1391, Seaskin Drysuits


Measure around the lower leg where the calf muscle is largest. Measuring over the trouser leg.

5D4L1412, Seaskin Drysuits

Body Cord

The body cord (a big continuous loop going over the shoulder and between the legs) is measured using the builders’ tape (most cloth tapes are too short). It is important that the curve across the tape is facing towards the body so the tape does not kink. Put the tape over the middle of your left shoulder (the position a strap of a shoulder bag would sit if you were carrying it) and under the crutch as tight as is comfortable, snug is the best description. Ensure that you stand with a straight back and that trousers are hitched up as high as possible.

5D4L1414, Seaskin Drysuits

Inside Leg

Face a wall and put the book between your legs as far up as it will go (hitch your trousers up). Step away leaving the book in position. Your assistant should measure the distance from the top of the book to the ground. Remember to remove shoes.

5D4L1404, Seaskin Drysuits

Wrist to Wrist

Stand up straight with your arms out straight to the side (crucifix position). The assistant measures from one wrist to the other, going straight across the back.

5D4L1406, Seaskin Drysuits

Elbow to Elbow

Stand up straight with your arms out straight to the side (crucifix position), with the arms bent forward at the elbow. The assistant measures from one elbow to the other, going straight across the back. Only required for Ultra suits with back zips.

5D4L1418, Seaskin Drysuits

Under Arm

The person being measured should stand with their arm horizontally and their hand pointed downwards. It is easier if the person being measured hold the zero end of the tape into their arm pit, the person measuring then measures along the underside of the arm to the wrist (where the hand is pivoted).

5D4L1395, Seaskin Drysuits


Measure around the upper arm at the biceps muscle with the arm fully bent.

5D4L1398, Seaskin Drysuits


The measurement is taken along the forearm at the point of the largest circumference. The maximal girth is not always obvious, and the tape may need to be moved up and down along the forearm to find the point of maximum circumference, which will usually be found closer to the elbow. When recording, you need to make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose and is lying flat on the skin and not over any clothing.

5D4L1399, Seaskin Drysuits


Measure around the wrist bone.

5D4L1393, Seaskin Drysuits


Measure around half-way up the neck at the Adam’s apple (if you have one!).

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Shoe Size

The Euro shoe size is usually marked on the inside of your footwear. Err on the larger size – so if you are normally a size 41 choose 41/42 rather than 40/41, if you are normally 43 choose 43/44 rather than 42/43 etc.

Foot Length, Seaskin Drysuits

Foot Length

Place your foot so the back of the heel is touching the wall, place the book at the end of the big toe. Move away carefully, measure from the book to the wall. This is the only dimension that we require to the nearest half centimetre.

5D4L1409, Seaskin Drysuits


Measure around the head just above the ears and eyebrows. Needed only if a hood is fitted or ordered.

Glove, Seaskin Drysuits

Sizing UNLINED Drygloves

To measure your hand see photo
Please measure in cm
Medium unlined 18cm to 20cm
Large unlined 21cm to 22cm
Extra Large 23cm to 24cm
Please note that the above measurements are meant only as a guide to help glove selection and work with our unlined gloves only.

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Sizing LINED drygloves

To measure your hand see photo
Please measure in cm
Medium/Large lined 18cm to 21cm
Extra Large/Extra Extra Large 22cm to 25cm
Please note that the above measurements are meant only as a guide to help glove selection and work with our lined gloves only.

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Sizing Kubi Glove Ring System

The best way to find out which Kubi ring size is best for you is to make a simple template. Download the .pdf print out USING THE OPTION “ACTUAL SIZE”. It is best to check that the circles are printed out at 70mm, 80mm and 90mm.




We cannot be held responsible for suits made to incorrectly taken measurements. If in doubt call us!

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