3mm Neoprene Neck Seal


Available with drysuit purchase only


Neoprene seals are considered to be warmer, more comfortable to wear and easier to make temporary repairs to. Their downsides are that they are tighter to take on and off are more difficult to maintain a perfectly watertight seal. Made from 3mm neoprene with high stretch nylon on one side and a “Glide Skin” finish on the other. They are designed to be tucked back inside creating the best possible seal on the neck.

A note about Neoprene seals and small necks.

People with slim necks, 33cm and below and a head size of 53cm or bigger will really struggle to get a diving type neoprene seal over their heads. This is made even more difficult with longer hair. A latex neck seal or Necktite system would be a much better option.


£6.92 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)