Ankle Weights for Nova Suits


Available with drysuit purchase only


This ankle weight system is fully integrated into the drysuit and boot and therefore impossible to lose. With four lead ingots per leg (eight supplied in total), fine buoyancy trimming is possible and easy to achieve. There is an adjustment buckle to secure them in place on your ankle.

Comes complete with 1kg of lead (there is room to add a further).

Opinions on the necessity of ankle weights are strongly held, but it is a fact that some divers when using many brands of fins feel much happier in the water when using them.

Although the pouches are permanently attached the weights can easily be removed.

We do not recommend this option when compressed neoprene socks are also being specified as the weight system can make putting rock/neoprene boots on difficult.

This is an option for a Nova drysuit. Should only be ordered if a Nova (membrane) type drysuit is also ordered.


£31.09 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)