Apeks Fins RK3 – Black


Ref: APE001-6211--


Anyone that has been diving for some time has seen all sorts of weird and wonderful fins come and go. So when a design that has been around for decades wins product of the year by Diver magazine you knew it must be good. The design is the first choice for military, special ops, coast guard, public safety divers and commercial divers. Apeks have taken the shape and developed it with drysuit divers in mind. The foot pocket is oversized with ridges on the sole which allows all drysuit and rock boots to slide in to the correct position easily, the buckles are angled so the spring strap is a joy to use even wearing drygloves.

Their short wide blade provides maximum forward thrust while maintaining great manoeuvrability, whilst the vented blade design reduces resistance on the upstroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke by eliminates vortexes that can occur along the back of the blade. Apparently the vents also eliminate vortexes that can occur along the back of the blade, well we just know they work really well in the water!

Sizing suggestion:
UK Boot SIZES 4-5 – Fin size Medium
UK Boot SIZES 6-8 – Fin size Large
UK Boot SIZES 9-13 – Fin size Super

Size guide

MEDIUM 1.96Kg 2.20Kg
LARGE 2.38Kg 2.80Kg
SUPER 2.54Kg 2.91Kg


£111.45 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)