Apeks Swivel Inflation AP0702


Ref: APE001-AP0702


Totally reliable inflation valve features an extra large recessed push-button allowing easy operation. the smooth backplate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads and prevents cold air blasts through underclothing. The valve sits low on the chest making it less prone to snagging. Rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet the diver’s personal hose configuration. The valve is designed to rotate 350 degrees . Connected to your 1st stage via a 3/8″ UNF male coupling. Supplied with a reliable CEJN quick disconnect hose nipple. Mounting patches have been designed for use with this valve and are available see below APO166 .

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Swivel Suit Valve Operation
During it’s static phase, medium pressure air enters the swivel suit inflator via the quick connect hose coupling. Air is then prevented from leaking to atmosphere by the upper ‘O’ ring and is prevented from entering the suit by the lower button ‘O’ ring. This also eliminates the ingress of water to the suit, if the medium pressure is not connected.

When the button is pressed, the spring compresses and the lower button ‘O’ ring moves over the venting splines inside the valve body, allowing controllable flowing air into the suit.When the button is released, the spring moves the button back to its static position, moving the lower bottom ‘O’ ring back into the sealing position in the valve body and preventing medium pressure air entering the suit.
The valve is designed to allow 350 degrees of free rotation. This enables easy attachment to the suit and allows movement of the hose for any equipment configuration, eliminating uncomfortable fixed hose position.


£33.47 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)