Aqualung Rock Boots EVO 4


Ref: APE001-BS138100


The Aqualung EVO4 rock boot is a development from the companies work with military divers. It has some unique features that make them ideal to be worn over the Seaskin compressed neoprene socks. The Vibram® Megagrip sole has a sole pattern which gives great grip on wet rocks, boat decks and floors but still allows your foot to slide in and out of fin pocket easily. The laces loosen easily down their full length give a good big opening to get your foot in and out, they then tighten smoothly. Using the large thumb loop aids this process. There is even a pocket built into the tongue to tuck in the loose ends, very cool.

All the other features you would expect on a top of the range rock boot are here, plenty of drain holes and mesh, a good sized fin retainer and fantastic build quality.


£126.51 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)