Bellows Pocket


Available with drysuit purchase only


The common features of the all our neoprene pockets are glued and blind stitched construction, internal and external 25mm Dee rings mounted on a reinforced patch, drain holes, designed to be easy to access while wearing the thickest of dry gloves. The Hook and Loop pockets use a combination of 25mm hook and 50mm loop Hook and Loop to give a very secure closure but by leaving a central section clear it is easy to start the opening by inserting the end of a finger.

Remember you do not need to have two pockets one may suffice and do not have to be the same on each side for example a large deep zipped pocket on the right out side seam for general gear used during the dive with a bellows pocket the left for a spare mask which can opened in a hurry without being able to see it.

Size: height 26cm x width 18cm x depth 3cm.

This is an option for an Ultra drysuit. Should only be ordered if a Ultra (compressed neoprene) type drysuit is also ordered


£29.33 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)