Compressed Neoprene Socks

Available with drysuit purchase only


As an alternative to having boots attached to the suit, 3mm compressed neoprene socks can be bonded on. When diving a conventional pair of wetsuit boots, or some form of “rock boots”, are worn over the top. This system is warm and very much reduces the air that can become trapped around the feet. Care should be taken not to walk distances in these as there is a risk of them becoming punctured.

They also have the advantage of enabling the suit to be completely turned inside out for easy drying and servicing.

There is no additional charge to specify these socks.

Please select this option if you have a foot size of 37 and below, or 51 and above, as drysuit boots are not available in these sizes but we can make compressed socks to fit.


£0 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)