Drybag Power Inflation kit 1Ltr (large capacity)




A power inflation system that is independent to the bag makes buoyancy control much easier. This 1Ltr kit uses the familiar controls found on diving wings and BC’s. The cylinder can be attached to the underside or outside of bag. The Power inflator is screwed into the bags inflation port. Kit includes:
Seaskin Tactical Optional 1Ltr Cylinder strap kit
Power inflator (BC/Wing type) complete
Mini 1st Stage Pressure Reducing Valve
1 Litre Aluminium Cylinder with 232 Bar Top Handled Valve
Apeks LP hose AP0153 89cm (35″)
Button Pressure Gauge (shows cylinders contents)

(Best used in conjunction with Option – SiTech Dump Valve Adjustable fitted to drybag)


£263.49 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)