G Lock Spanner Ring f QCuff- EACH


Ref: SIT001-60524


These rings are needed to use the “SiTech Complete (No Gloves) QCP Glove Lock System ” above with SiTech Quick cuff system which are glued permanently on to a drysuit (this enables the changing of latex seals in seconds). Please note this an EACH price you will need two per suit. These are spares, these rings are now included it the Glove Lock system kit. A pair of these rings are included in “SiTech Complete (No Gloves) QCP Glove Lock System SIT001-60520” above.

These rings replace the usual “stiff ring” and enable the new QCP Glove Lock System to be fitted onto the PU rings glued to a drysuit.


£4.75 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)