Latex Socks 3D (Pair, Spare part)




Replacement latex socks with a top circumference of 42cm, see above for details.

Latex socks are rarely fitted to diving suits bur are commonly on suits used for surface watersports in which the 3D sock have more of a foot shape moulded in. The biggest difference is not the shape but the dimension across the top which determines which type can be fitted to which suit. You need to measure the ankle of the suit where the new sock is to be fitted. If you measure this flat across and then double it you get the circumference. Ideally the suit should be 1-2cm bigger than the sock which allows the latex to very, very slightly stretched on which gives the best finish. If the sock is bigger than the suit you will end up with creases in the latex which will probably leak.

You can also add HeatOn-SelfSeal (HOSS), but please note that this may add 3-5 days to your delivery time.

Size guide

The 3D measure 21cm flat so fit a suit with an ankle circumference of 43cm perfectly.

The above sizes have nothing to do with you actual foot size these are as follows.

Shoe Size
Small 36 -38
Medium 39 – 41
Large 42 – 43
Extra Large 44 -47

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£9.36 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)