Move Dump (DIR)

Available with drysuit purchase only


The standard position for the automatic dump (which is standard on the Nova drysuit) is well up on the left upper arm facing slightly forward. This offers the best compromise between ease of dumping air and also being easily reached with the right hand should a loss of buoyancy from your BCD mean you need to close the valve to allow air to be retained within the drysuit.

For those divers who prefer to maintain a horizontal position at all times during a dive (or have to due to confines of space) then a valve position a little further down the arm (11cm) and further round to the outside of the arm (6cm) is preferred.

This change aids air dumping when horizontal but can hinder valve operation if the suit is worn with thicker undersuits and certain kit configurations. It also makes donning one piece webbing harnesses easier. Here we call this the “DIR” position as it is favoured by those divers, but it is by no means restricted to that community. Just be aware that if you need to shut the dump down quickly then its access is reduced.

There is no extra cost to switch to this position.

This is an option for a Nova drysuit. Should only be ordered if a Nova (membrane) type drysuit is also ordered.


£0 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)