ORUST Neck System-Silicone seal black standard size


Ref: SIT001-60140


The latest generation of modular neck rings for drysuits, it is primarily designed for lightweight surface suits where the increased flexibility is a benefit. This increases in flexibility also works well in diving drysuits for those people with smaller frames – narrower shoulders or chest measurements below 90cm.

The locking ring is inserted without tools and then held in place with a series of clips.

The benefits of a modular system for neck seals are two fold, the Silicon seals are more comfortable to wear and if you should damage one it can be swopped out in a matter of minutes even on the dive boat is necessary.

Because of the greater stretchiness of silicon over latex, one size (when trimmed) fits all. The silicon Silflex seal is also good for people that have an allergy to latex.
You can even choose the colour of the seal, tecky black or funky blue.

This kit is for DIY fitting to your drysuit. Please note this is a fairly complicated process and should only be attempted by professional drysuit repairers or people that have experience with working with drysuits. The glue used is not the normal two part adhesive commonly used for seal replacement.

To take full advantage of this system do not forget to order a spare neck seal to keep in your kit bag for quick at dive site neck seal changes!



£74.58 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)