Seaskin – Drysuit Leg Gaitors (pair)




Leg gaiters or some people call them gators. They are wrapped and the lower leg, the heavy duty Lycra compresses the drysuit and undersuit underneath. This has the effect of reducing air flow to the feet and the air space around the calves, the cause of “floaty feet”. They are a good alternative to ankle weights/heavy fins. One of our testers also claims that they prevent her from getting cramp in her calves but this is not objectively been tested!

They come in three sizes for a good fit.
Strong Lycra gives a comfortable even squeeze all down lower leg.
Cordura construction gives a durable build.
100mm hook and loop gives a reliable closure with an extra 50mm hook and loop locking strip for added security.
Measure your calf in centimetres over normal clothing
Small – 29cm – 35cm
Medium – 36cm – 42cm
Large – 43cm – 49cm


£30.83 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)