Seaskin Heavy Duty Pro Goody Bag




These goody bags are made to carry big loads and not get holed the first drag across the rocks. The orange top makes finding the opening very easy, small lead weights in the bottom keeps the bag hanging nicely in the water. The draw string has a webbing loop that can be used to clip onto a lift bag. The bag is pulled closed with a rubber slider adjuster so there are no springs to rust. There is also a webbing loop on the top band for clipping on to BC/harness. It rolls up and fits nicely into our, Seaskin-Pouch Accessory SSPOUCH25X12X5 (not included). The ultimate draw string goody bag, your precious finds will be much safer in one of these. Over engineered? Probably.

SIZE: Length 80cm x Width 60cm


£28.17 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)