SI TECH VEGA Inflation Valve


Available with drysuit purchase only


This is a fantastic solution to the problem of getting power cables from external batteries to your heated under suit. We carry two versions of the low push (the large button that is pressed to let air into your drysuit).

What SiTech say

“The VEGA Inflation Valve is designed for extended range diving in cold environments. It combines inflation of gas and passage for power cables to heated undergarments etc. Both ports swivel for optimized equipment configuration. The design of the cable port makes it ideal for a variety of cables. VEGA Inflation Valve fits all SI TECH Valve ports and comes with an anti-friction washer and nipple cover.”

Item no: 23250 – M12 x 1,5 = 3.0-7.0 mm power cable.
Item no: 23270 – M16 x 1,5 = 4.5-9.0 mm power cable.

This is an option for a Seaskin drysuit. Should only be ordered if a Seaskin drysuit is also ordered.


£56.74 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)