SiTech QCS OVAL Set (Silicon Seal) for DIY fitting


Ref: SIT001-60918


The QCS Oval cuff ring system has an oval and narrow design and you will not be bothered by the rings during the dive or on land as some poeple find the round rings too bulky. They do feel much less cumbersome and even the biggest hands seem able to pass through them.

The QCS Oval enables quick exchange of wrist seals, which is perfect when the suit needs to have different sizes of seals or wish to run the lastest silicon seals. Also if you have ripped a seal when just ready to jump into the water this will help you. The exchange is made in a few minutes.

The PU rings can be glued on to the inside of the drysuits sleeves. Although not difficult to-do, the correct adhesives (polyurethane based) must be used. The circumference (of the oval) of the section that is glued is 32.2cm, ensure that the end of the drysuit matches this. This enables your wrist seals to be easily changed at the dive site.

The system can also be fitted to latex seals already glued on to a drysuit to enable you to click on the Antares glove ring system with dry gloves.



£48.93 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)