SLAGGO Flex Ring Set


Ref: SIT001-60720


Everyone that has tried Silflex (silicon) seals loves and wants them, but some do not like the ridgid rings on their suits needed to attach them. By making then of a soft plastic the Slaggo cuff rings are flexible and so more comfortable to wear. This material does not allow a dryglove to be clicked onto them but not everyone wants to do this anyway.

The system lends its self very well to surface drysuits as well, sailors and canoeist love these also dive centres who want to swop out seals in seconds.

These are a great addition to the Sitech range of modular solutions.

The slaggo system needs to be glued or sewn and taped on to the cuff of a drysuit.


£44.27 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)