YKK Plastic Dry Zip fitted into membrane drysuit

Available with drysuit purchase only


Plastic dry zips offer greater flexibility on front entry suits, they are also easier to open and close, plus weigh less. Although they appear to be much less prone to physical damage the conventional brass teeth dry zips they may not be over the long term as reliable to keeping the water out. For this reason, at this stage of their development we still recommend the standard BDM brass toothed zip for most high performance divers. However we offer them as an option for divers who still prefer this type of zip.

There is no charge to change to the plastic zip, just add to cart it will appear as a zero cost.

Picture shows a Nova drysuit fitted with plastic dryzip plus the additional option of – Nova Option – Main Body Dry Zip Cover.


£0 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)