Ordering a new custom built Seaskin drysuit is now even easier.

The New Seaskin Website

Well, it’s finally working. We have been trying to switch the platform on which our website is built for a well over a year. Our old site has been a brilliant servant to us over many years, but websites require a lot more functionality these days and their security has too much higher. So, if you have struggled with trying to create an account of make payment on our old site, I do apologise. The new site has been tested as rigorously as could, but we will have undoubtedly missed something so please bear with us through any teething troubles. I do hope you find the new site easier to use and gives you more information on how to “build” your new suit as you are guided through the process using the drysuit configurator.

The people who did the heavy lifting on this often complex project are a local company to us, Splitpixel, many thanks to them.

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