Seaskin Nova – Membrane Diving Drysuit

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Nova membrane drysuits are all made to measure in our UK factory. They fully customisable to your own particular scuba diving requirements. We use only the best possible components. They offer excellent value for money as you are buying direct from the factory.


Seaskin’s Nova drysuit is handmade from the highest quality trilaminate fabric. It is, in our opinion, the best-fitting membrane suit you will ever buy. Its unique combination of made-to-measure and innovative “flex back” system gives a suit that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. As with all Seaskin suits, the Nova can be customised to your exact personal preference with a selection of various boots and pockets, and even the zip can be placed for easier left-handed use.

  • The ultimate membrane drysuit.
  • Free full made-to-measure service gives a comfortable tailored fit.
  • Trilaminate fabric makes the Seaskin Nova flexible and durable.
  • All seams are triple-stitched and internally hand-taped for extreme strength and reliability.
  • We guarantee the seams on Nova drysuits for three years.
  • Fitted with a front entry, medium weight BDM dry zip.
  • Elasticated internal braces and an external crutch strap maintain the optimum fit during use.
  • The innovative “flex back” design gives maximum manoeuvrability when stretching and bending.
  • Curved front zip for minimum restriction
  • Latex neck and wrist seals.
  • Apeks Low Profile Auto Adjustable dump valve.
  • Apeks Swivel Inflation and 74cm low pressue hose (a longer 89cm hose can be specified in options).
  • Polyurethane knee pads for maximum abrasion resistance without loss of flexibility.
  • Neoprene lined dive boots with fin retainer.
  • Reflective tape on arms.
  • Choice of nine colour ways (colour combination attract a supplement charge, Why? see FAQs).
  • Nylon suit bag.
  • Service kit: zip wax and French chalk for seals.
  • For more details on whats included see “Whats included with a drysuit“.

Important ordering information

To avoid confusion it is only possible to order one drysuit per order. Please create a new order for each suit.

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However, you should be sure you have measured yourself correctly and explored our range of customisation options before making your purchase.

How to Measure Yourself for a Drysuit/Gloves/Hood

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The design of the Nova membrane suit has been driven by an effort to minimize the internal volume of the suits whilst maximizing the ease of movement when wearing it. The ways we aim to achieve this are:

To add extra panels of fabric under the crutch and arms, this allows the cut to be snug into these areas without feeling tight or constrictive and avoids having four way joints that are bulky and prone to leaking.

By introducing the flex back system instead of a full “telescopic torso” we just have extra fabric in the area we need it to allow bending over in the suit with out straining at the back of the neck seal. The internal braces work in conjunction with the elasticated crutch strap to the panel in place.

By precisely curving the zip across the front of the body so the end of the zip is between the hip and waist then we can keep the front of the suit flat, the zip staying against the body even when sitting down or bending forward without cockling or folding. This distortion of the zip occurs when the end finishes in the traditional place of the upper thigh. The curve also allows the zip to end on the shoulder and not on upper arm which causes restriction when using the left arm.

The reduction of the internal or potential internal volume makes a great difference to air migration around the suit. The less volume the quicker the flow, so when you need to reduce buoyancy air can be shifted to the dump valve position with only a small alteration of orientation in the water.

We cut the legs as close as we can again reducing the internal volume in this critical area.


Conditions in which the drysuit can be used
The maximum depth a diver can reach is not limited by the drysuit construction itself, but rather by the diver’s knowledge and qualifications, gas mixture, thermal protection and suitable technical security. It is essential for divers to fulfil these conditions to ensure their safety and prevent any harm to their health or even loss of life.

Inflation of the drysuit with air is a crucial aspect of using a drysuit. It should be done using the attached inflation hose, which should be connected to a gas cylinder first stage regulator and the inflation valve in the drysuit. The user can regulate the amount of air inside using the button on the inflation valve and the deflation valve on the arm.

It is important to note that the drysuit is intended for recreational and professional diving in both natural areas and artificial man-made containers and reservoirs., and its primary purpose is to protect the diver from the ingress of water. It can also help protect the diver from cuts and injuries caused by underwater flora and fauna. However, excessive and unwary use of the drysuit can damage the material, which can compromise its effectiveness and safety.

The drysuit is intended for use with all type of other known diving equipment than can provide gas to inflate the drysuit within the required pressure range. Sizing of the suit is such that a 250gsm Thinsulate and additional base layers can be worn. If bulkier undersuits are worn (unless specified in the suit build) some restrictions in movement may occur.

In summary, divers must ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, qualifications, gas mixture, thermal protection, and technical security when using a drysuit. They should also follow proper procedures when inflating the drysuit with air and avoid excessive and unwary use to prevent damage to the material.


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To avoid confusion it is only possible to order one drysuit per order. Please create a new order for each suit.