SITech Quick Neck System and Silicon Seals

Silicon seals have some important advantages over traditional latex seals. They are extremely flexible so easier to take on and of, increased comfort when wearing, one size fits a wide range of wrists. Great material stability so better against ageing, UV light and chemical degradation. More resistant against puncture. Better for allergies. Less friction (antifriction coat on the inside).

There main disadvantage is the problems with gluing them to drysuits, this is overcome by using neck and wrist ring systems, the best of these coming from Sitech.

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Filter Products Showing 1 - 12 of 14 results
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  • SiTech Neck seal SILFLEX

    £22.14 View
  • Showa Unlined Gloves

    £8.12 View
  • SiTech Neck seal SILFLEX SMALL (Spares)

    £22.14 View
  • SiTech Neck seal SILFLEX BLUE (Spares)

    £22.14 View
  • Quick Neck Set with Silicone seal-black-standard size

    £57.43 View
  • Sitech Locking Ring for Neck Tite/Quick Neck (Yellow)

    £7.30 View
  • Nova Option-Orust  system with Silflex seal

    ORUST Neck System-Silicone seal black standard size

    £70.15 View
  • SiTech NeckTite Latex seal

    £14.23 View
  • Tool for Neck Tite and Quick Neck systems.

    £10.55 View
  • ANTARES Support Ring (Pair)

    £7.38 View
  • Gloves Showa lined

    £17.56 View
  • PVC Repair Adhesive 90g

    £11.64 View