Here you will find all the info you’ll need to help you spec out your drysuit, get the most from our website, and get the most from your order.

Drysuit Information and Guides:

What’s Included With Your Drysuit?

With Seaskin, you get the full package. Here’s what you’ll get with your drysuit.

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How to Measure Yourself for a Drysuit/Gloves/Hood

It’s vital that you supply us with correct measurements in centimetres.

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How to Get the Best From This Site

Time spent considering your needs will be rewarded with a perfect drysuit!

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Drysuit Manuals and Order Forms

Please download the user manual and keep it as a reference.

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Drysuit Tips

Tips for donning and doffing (or putting on and taking of your drysuit).

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Drysuit Training

The importance of proper training in the use of a drysuit cannot be over emphasised.

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Drysuit DIY Pressure Testing

A quick guide to testing your drysuit for leaks.

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Replacing latex drysuit seals without using glue.

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