What’s Included With Your Drysuit?

What’s Included with a Seaskin Drysuit

With Seaskin, you get the full package. Included in the price of all Seaskin Drysuits are the following:
SEASKIN Apeks Seatec 01, Seaskin Drysuits

Apeks Swivel Inflation AP0703

A robust and totally reliable inflation valve featuring an extra large recessed push-button allowing easy operation. The smooth back plate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads and prevents cold air blasting through underclothing. The valve sits low on the chest, making it less prone to snagging. Rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet the diver’s personal hose configuration. The valve is designed to rotate 360 degrees for flexibility and to assist suit manufacturers in fitting valves. Connected to your 1st stage via a 3/8″ UNF male coupling, this valve represents the ultimate in drysuit inflation.

ApeksLowPDump, Seaskin Drysuits

Apeks Low Profile Auto Dump AP0704

This is the most technically advanced and reliable automatic dump valve available. Correctly adjusted, the valve gives effortless yet controlled hands-free ascent as expanding air automatically vents from the suit. It is equipped with a manual over-ride system that allows you to vent the suit completely without disturbing your personal buoyancy setting. This valve has the lowest profile with optimum dump rate. It has an improved ratchet feel and is ergonomically designed for ease of use.

Products Cuffvent, Seaskin Drysuits

OR Cuff Dump AP0165

This dump is totally free from maintenance apart from a fresh water rinse and requires no adjustment. It is designed to fit in the suit cuff and allows air to be vented from the suit by simply raising the arm.

Seaskin Apeks Braided Hose Seatec, Seaskin Drysuits

Apeks Low Pressure Hose

The hose is a 29″ (74cm) long medium-pressure hose supplied with a 3/8″ UNF male thread 1st stage connector and the Seatec coupling. A longer 35″ (89cm) hose can be specified in drysuit build options. We supply the braided Apeks hose that gives greater durability. You will receive a hose to match the nipple type ordered.

StdDrySuitBag2, Seaskin Drysuits

Nylon drawstring bag

Perfect for transporting your drysuit.

Seaskin Talc Duster Bag

French chalk

A shaker bottle of French chalk (pure talc) for dusting seals and a duster bag to make coating seals and seams easier.

How to fill your duster bag
Products BeesWaxForZips, Seaskin Drysuits


Bees wax block for keeping dry zips running smoothly.

DrysuitUserManual 1, Seaskin Drysuits

User Manual

User Manual on the use and care of a Seaskin Drysuit.

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Free Delivery

Free delivery to UK mainland, excluding Highlands and Islands* addresses. Prices shown include VAT at the UK rate of 20%. For non UK orders if you order online then the system automatically will take of the 20% UK VAT when you put in your non UK address, but you may be liable to pay import duty to customs your end on taking delivery.

*Excludes glues and adhesives which have to be sent by carrier rather than by Royal Mail.

MIBmedium, Seaskin Drysuits

Made in Britain

All our drysuits and undersuits are made in our factory in the UK. But that’s not all, the fabric for our Nova drysuits, all the dryzips, the glue and tape, the Apeks valves right down the the webbing we use are all manufactured by companies in the UK.

TheThreeAmigos, Seaskin Drysuits


The satisfaction of buying a custom product that is made in Britain by people who care about diving!

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