Over the last two decades Aqualand Ltd who produce the Seaskin range of divewear have manufactured thousands of drysuits. During that period all of the suits have been made in our UK factory located in Leeds. We would like to thank all our customers and staff that have made the success of this company possible.

Seaskin is a brand of diving equipment from Aqualand Ltd who have been producing diving suits for 30 years. Aqualand has produced thousands of dry and survival suits of every conceivable type for military, rescue services, commercial and recreational use. All Seaskin suits are manufactured in Aqualand’s own UK factory in Leeds Yorkshire.

All our drysuits are manufactured within the ISO9000/2000 Quality System which is registered by the British Standards Institute (FM45748). Aqualand is a MOD and a US Defense Department approved supplier.

Please be aware that all forms of diving carry risk. Anyone wishing to dive using a drysuit should undergo the appropriate training by a qualified instructor. Always consult the product User Manual before using this equipment. Dive warm, dive safe.

seaskin is a registered trade mark of Aqualand Ltd No. 2542401


Our diving drysuits and undersuits have been CE marked since 1996.

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How We Make Drysuits

Over the years we have developed many different methods of creating divewear that fits.

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ANTARES Dry Glove System +sr oval, 60260+60261+60263

Drysuit and Spares, Delivery and Order Times

Delivery times on our drysuits vary according to how may suits we have in at the time of ordering.

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Fire Service Drysuits

Aqualand produce a range of Immersion / dry suits and accessories for use by the Rescue services.

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PoliceUWSNeoFr, Seaskin Drysuits

Police Drysuits

Aqualand Ltd produces a range of drysuits and divewear that is specifically designed and field tested for Police Underwater Search Units.

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Military Drybag and Drysuits

Aqualand Ltd produces a large range of military waterproof equipment bags and drysuits that are in use with Special Forces worldwide.

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