Apeks Rubber Backing Patch AP0166


Ref: APE001-AP0166


These are glued on to the outside of a drysuit to give the APO702, 703, 704 and 158 valves the best possible seal. (The hole is too big for the cuff dump). One is required per valve.

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Fitting valve patches

The fist job is to get the position for the new valve by putting the drysuit and any BCD or harness on so as to avoid interference. Inflators are normally mounted in the centre or offset to one side to avoid the middle seam. Automatic dump valves are normally placed on the upper left arms slightly forward facing for easy manual operation and adjustment. The suit should be clean and dry before any work is carried out. Use the patch as a template and draw round it with chalk.

A coat of Bostik 2402 glue mixed according to the instructions is applied by brush to the suit and left to dry. Apeks patches (AP0166) should be rubbed down with sand paper first and a coat applied and left to dry. Three coats on the suit and two coats on the patch. The final coats should be left until they are tacky but not stringing away when touched. Press the patch into position (be accurate repositioning is not possible) as hard as you can, leave to dry with a weight on top for at least 2 hours, ideally leave the suit to cure for 24 hours before cutting the hole out with a sharp knife.


£3.16 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)