Compressed Neoprene socks (Spares) pair




Replacement socks for drysuits.

3mm compressed neoprene with Amourtex

Glued and blind stitched

Seams Aquasealed on inside.

Note: These are made to order and can take up to 5-7 working days before despatch.


Due to a shortage of compressed neoprene we are not able to supply these socks at the moment

More info

Compressed neoprene socks can be DIY fitted to both neoprene and membrane drysuits by butt joining or overlapping gluing respectively.

The socks are manufactured from the same 3mm compressed neoprene that we produce our Ultra drysuits from. The seams are blind stitched and sealed internally with a urethane bead.
All sizes are 25cm high. The circumference of the top of the sock various with the size of sock. This circumference must be close to the circumference of the ankle of the drysuit.

Size guide

Sock Size Sock top Circumference (cm)
37 34.4
38 35.6
39 36.8
40-41 38
42 39.2
43 40.4
44 41.6
45-46 42.8
47 44
48 45.2
49 46.4
50 47.6
51 48.8


£32.34 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)