Drysuit Tech Boot


Available with drysuit purchase only


These drysuit boots are designed with the more technical / cave diver in mind, but suit anyone that prefers a lower profile, ultra flexible boot.

Compressed 3mm neoprene with a very grippy but flexible sole. We have added two strap anchor positions giving you alternative placement of the compression strap (or you could even use double straps).

These boots when fitted to your Nova or Ultra drysuit offer the greatest flexibility of the ankle and sole so gives you the most natural finning action, however if you do a lot walking over rough surfaces of slippery rocks then a standard boot or compressed neoprene sock/rock boot combination would be better suited to you. A additional advantage of the Tech boot style is that they can accommodate a greater range of thermal sock thicknesses, so if you wear one pair in the summer months but have to pull on extra thick thermal socks in the winter then these can cope with the size difference.

NOTE: These are NOT rock boots but glued onto your drysuit.


£34.98 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)