Kubi Fitted Dry Cuff System


Available with drysuit purchase only


The Kubi dry gloves system is renowned as being ultra reliable, this is down to its alloy construction and precision engineering, it couples simplicity with durability. An excellent system that when factory fitted to your drysuit gives you not only the option of pushing on drygloves but also using silicon or latex wrist seals that can be changed in seconds at the dive site without tools should you break or puncture one. The system comes in different sizes to fit different hand sizes. The size in millimetres describes the internal diameter of the alloy rings of the glove side of the system (not included).

This is for the rings to secure the wrist seals only, for the dry gloves you need to also order: See here for the “glove side” of the system.


£132.89 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)