Latex Wrist Seals


Available with drysuit purchase only


Many people prefer latex wrist seals to neoprene ones because they provide better protection against water ingress. They are easier to put on, but are not quite as warm. Latex seals need more care than neoprene ones and are often more prone to damage, but they are easier to replace.

If you would like this option but would prefer the seals to be cone shaped instead of bottle shaped, add this item to cart and then select “Dry Suit Option – Swap from Bottle to Cone Wrist seals”

This is an option for an Ultra drysuit. Should only be ordered if a Ultra (compressed neoprene) type drysuit is also ordered.

More info

Latex seals are available in two different shapes (as well as standard and heavy duty thickness).Bottle seals have a 40mm parallel section at the end which sit comfortably on the wrist. We have fitted bottle wrists as the nom for many years and when correctly sized to the wearer, they offer a good balance between comfort, wrist sealing and ease of dressing. There are some people who prefer the cone type as they feel that the tapered end “bites” more firmly into the skin of the wrist giving a better seal this high fitting up the wrist also can reduce any interference from under suit sleeve ends. The smaller sealing area of cone seals can avoid the channels caused by wrist tendons that can cause leaks with some divers. Cone wrist have ring trimming guides to further adjust the fit. The shoulder section of bottles seals makes the fitting of any dryglove ring system much easier.

If you are unsure which to go for the safe bet is go with the bottle type.


£20.73 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)