Reflective Tape Kit


Available with drysuit purchase only


An additional four reflective patches are sewn onto the suit at the ankles and forearms. This improves the visibility of the suit both in and out of the water. This retro tape conforms to SOLAS requirements.

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Microprismatic Technology
Reflexite invented microprismatic technology more than 30 years ago and is the leader of microprismatic film manufacturing providing products with the best possible visibility in day- and nighttime, poor light, adverse weather conditions and underwater.
Reflexite is the only manufacturer to offer the benefits of this superior technology consistently backed by years of experience, technical innovation .

Prism technology works by refracting light from its inner surfaces Light strikes each of the three surfaces of the Reflexite® microprism in turn, before returning to its source. The retro-reflective efficiency is enhanced by the precise arrangement of the microprisms, as seen in a microscopic view. The microprism’s economical use of surface area delivers the highest standard of reflection.

Product Usage
It is specifically designed for use on inflatable devices such as life rafts, life jackets, immersion/wet suits, dry suits, etc.

Product Construction
It is composed of microprisms retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth surface, tough and weather resistant, UV stabilized polymeric film. the prism surfcae are coated to provide a mirror surface to the prism facets. The resulting material is not more than 0,410 mm thick and comes with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive.

IMO resolution A.658(16)


£16.09 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)