Seaskin Nova Neoprene Neck Seal (Spare)




These 3mm Slickskin seals can be fitted to membrane drysuits as a replacement for latex seals. They are the diving style that requires them to be “tucked in” to create the seal.

When fitting these seals at the factory we always Aquaseal the seams and around the suit/seal joint to ensure that they do not leak. Without doing this the neck seal may leak as unfortunately there is no way of testing them before dispatch.

Note: These are made to order and can take up to 5-7 working days before despatch.

A note about neoprene seals and small necks.
People with slim necks, 33cm and below and a head size of 53cm or bigger will really struggle to get a diving type neoprene seal over their heads. This is made even more difficult with longer hair. A latex neck seal or Quickneck (silicon seals) system would be a much better option.

Size guide

Extra Small                              31.6cm – 34.5cm
Small                                        34.6cm – 37.5cm
Medium                                    37.6cm – 40.5cm
Large                                         40.6cm – 43.5cm
Extra Large                              43.6cm – 46.5cm
Extra Extra Large                    46.6cm – 49.5cm


£22.88 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)