Seaskin Warm Neck Hood


Ref: SSHDWN001


A fully featured hood suitable for all dive suits fitted with warm neck systems. The face seal is cut to minamise exposed skin on the face, it is designed to go over the sealing skirt of your mask.

  • 5mm super stretchy dive grade neoprene.
  • Six panel design for a superb fit.
  • Single lined 5mm face seal for comfort and performance.
  • Twin layer venting system in top panel.
  • All seams glued and blind stitched inside and out.

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The venting system used prevents air being trapped within the hood. By using two pieces of neoprene sandwiched together and the vent holes beiong offset a cold spot on the top of your head is avoided.


£27.16 (Non UK orders ex.VAT)