Seaskin Undersuit High Wick Thinsulate 250



We now offer made to measure undersuits as standard. We have come across many instances of divers going to the trouble and expense of getting a made to measure drysuit but then using a off the peg undersuit underneath. It is obvious that if the undersuit is to small in any dimension then movement will be restricted when the two are worn together.


Using 250gsm Thinsulate makes this undersuit suitable for even long dives when wearing a membrane drysuit such as the Seaskin Nova. Skylon on the outside offers breathable, shower resistance without restricting air flow around the suit. The High Wick Honey comb liner keep keeps the skin surface as dry and comfortable as possible. It is coated RUCO-PUR SLY which is an invisible treatment which optimises the following textile functions: Hydrophilic properties (the basic prerequisite for climate and/or moisture management) which means in practise that the wicking properties are improved also improves the fabrics softness to promote wear comfort. Antistatic properties prevent the textile from clinging to the skin or base layers making is easier to move in and to get on and off.

  • Ideal undersuit for the Nova membrane drysuit
  • TOG rating 4.2
  • Two-way front zip with locking sliders
  • Fleece mesh vent for exhaust valve
  • Elasticated back
  • Neoprene stretch panels in the fore arms
  • Thumb loops
  • Neoprene foot stirrups ensure that there is no rucking around the ankles.
  • Chest pocket with zip for wallet and keys

These undersuits can be “boosted” by wearing a Seaskin shorty 150 over the top, giving 400gsm of insulation over your body core. Adding Seaskin knee high sox will also keep your feet warm too!

Important ordering information

If you are purchasing this undersuit in the same order as a drysuit, you don’t need to enter your sizing information again. However, if you’re ordering this in a standalone order, please be sure that you have measured yourself correctly before making your purchase.

How to Measure Yourself for a Drysuit/Gloves/Hood


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